Friday, January 15, 2016

What Bowie gave my children

I'm probably one of millions of people around the world listening to David Bowie this week.

I'm not eloquent enough to even try and imitate the many obituaries and articles written on the subject over the past few days, but will say this: I am very pleased to live in a world where such a kooky, unconventional person was celebrated, and now is universally mourned. I am grateful to Bowie for paving the way in this regard, and teaching us that there is no "normal". 

The other day, my son (4) was looking at the Bowie CD. Our conversation went like this:

Son: "Is that man wearing ladies' clothes?"
Me: "Yes." <Braces self for big serious conversation about how you can express yourself how you choose and so on>.
Son: "Ok." <Shrugs> "Can I have an ice-block?"

To me, that's the gift that really matters. 

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