Friday, January 1, 2016

2016: less clutter, less sugar, less talking about other people

2016. New Year, new goals.

Or rather, New Year, finally taking a stab at old goals. And this year, also trying to shake up and add to the usual goals of 'lose weight, be a better parent and save money'. As this is the first New Years in yonkers I haven't been in simple survival mode due to having very small children or learning how to deal with being a working mother, I am also in a place to make some meaningful resolutions. Yay! 

Here they are:

1. Less clutter

My wardrobes are a mess. I need less stuff in my life. Problem is, I'm an historian, which means getting far too attached to stuff. Ever since seeing my old food processor in a 1980s exhibit at Te Papa, I have felt justified in this hoarding. See, I tell myself. One day even museums will want my stuff. I'm doing the people of the future a massive service! 

2. Less sugar

I am addicted to sugar. I have such a sweet tooth I didn't even find the drink they give you for glucose testing in pregnancy very sweet, even though everyone else I spoke to described it as 'sickly'. I even had a dream about Pavlova the other night. This must give, or else I will be on a fast track to diabetes as I have a strong family history of this.

3. Less talking about other people 

I want to talk about other people less.  Too often people, especially (dare I say it) groups of women just end up talking about other people all of the time. I am sure I am not the only person that ends up joining in a good gossip session, then feels icky afterward. I've decided it's unpleasant, and also kind of boring. Besides, I recently came across negative transference theory, which basically says that if you point out the negative characteristics of another person, people will subconsciously associate those ideas with you. Eeek! That alone is good motivation, as well as hopefully having more interesting conversations. Here's hoping, anyway.

So, here are my resolutions - let's see how I go! Any tips welcome ... :) 

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