Tuesday, January 12, 2016

12 days sugar free! (And why I'm keeping it a secret)

I am now 12 days sugar free. Woop!

It's not been easy. In fact, some days it's been really tough, and I have felt like a rage beast. But, I am getting there slowly and surely. Irrational rage and cravings aside, I do feel better. Every single day I find myself in at least 2 situations when 2015 me would have reached for the sugar-laden goodness, and every day it's hard to get through that moment. But, nothing beats ending another day with the thought "I did it!" 

I also feel smug and proud that I have lasted this long, although of course I keep that to myself. In fact, apart from a few people in real life I've decided to keep this sugar-free malarkey a secret. Why?

First, no-one likes hanging out with that person who says "oh no I am on a diet" when they are about to eat a giant slice of cake. I don't want to kill anyone else's buzz: this is for me, not them. I also don't want to look like a crazy faddish dieting person, the "new year new me!" cliche. The fact I probably am a crazy faddish person by doing this is besides the point. I also don't want raised eyebrows when I start eating sugar again. Of course, one day I will. In fact, that day may be sooner rather than later. I just want to be more moderate when I re-introduce sugary foods, and hope that the pavlova habit has fallen by the wayside. Not to mention the dreams about pavlova. 

It's surprisingly easy to fudge not eating sugar. I may be the centre of my own world, but other people don't seem to notice. A simple "no, thanks" when offered food is enough. No-one says "why?" and I've only been in one situation when someone else has put pressure on me to eat (delicious looking) cake.  This particular person is someone who, I suspect, feels less guilty about their own eating when they see others eating badly themselves. I just had to be a little firmer, ignore my watering mouth, and change the subject.

So, 12 days down ... here's to at least 12 days more! 

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  1. Go you!! That's awesome :-)

    I'm trying to cut down cakes, sweets and chips as well. It's both harder than I had expected and easier than I had expected, so we'll see how long it lasts. I did fall down yesterday though - I had a meeting with a client, who'd bought a cake specifically for me :-/ Didn't really feel like I could refuse that one. Did restrict myself to a small piece though.