Friday, November 6, 2015

How to be a lady

I read the Country Life article 39 rules on how to be a lady earlier. 

Maybe I'm defensive because I can only do about two thirds of the list myself, don't know the difference between Bentley and  Skinner and Baddiel and Skinner (or whatever they are), and have barely ever seen a pheasant, let alone plucked one. Although I do have a little black dress from pre-children days, so it would probably only fit on one limb now. That still counts, right? At least it's little. Who cares if it's too little? 

Regardless, I would have thought there was only one thing that defined what being a lady was - having lady bits.  Everything else is subjective, surely? Or have we skipped back to some 1950s time-warp where the lingerie you wear is more important than who you are? A time where pretending to like sport and letting men pretend that they had your ideas in the first place is admirable? 

This leads to the question: is this even a real list, or just something written to make women like me see red then write about their list online, while linking to their website? If so, does that make me a giant sucker by writing this story at all? Probably. 

Oh well. At least I meet my own definition of a lady, little black dress fitting me or not. 

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