Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Why use paper when feet will do?

The original  Modern Mothercraft has a lot to say about drawing. "Most children of three have discovered the delights of drawing", it says. "Facilities for drawing and painting encourage self-expression." It even includes a photo of the aforementioned facilities:

I wonder what the 1945 authors would have made of my daughter's recent delight in drawing, especially given how resourceful she was in using her own 'facilities'?

I think that had my daughter been alive in 1945. given her current 'the world is my canvas' philosophy, that nice white bonnet worn by the girl in the photograph above would have been covered in her 'self expression' as well. 

In fact, maybe I should add a nifty white bonnet to my list of things from Ye Olden Days to buy one day. At the very least, it might serve as an effective decoy away from our nice white carpet next time my daughter is unleashing her inner Picasso ...

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