Sunday, June 14, 2015

In my day ...

I was talking to my son recently about telephones and the fact mobile phones weren't commonly used until I was in my late teens, and started a sentence with "in my day ... "

I then realised: it's official. I'm getting older. In my day, the only people who started sentences with 'in my day' were old people who grew up in what we called 'the olden days'. 

Surely it's a slippery slope from 'in my day we didn't have mobile phones' to 'in my day we walked to school for 2,321 miles a day through snow, with naught but cow pats to warm our hands'? I'll be reminiscing about floppy disks, video rental stores and Walk-mans while rocking back and forth on my super-sonic-futuristic rocking chairs before you can say 'shake your stick angrily at the neighbourhood children while muttering about the yoof having no respect these days'. Sigh. 

All I can say to make myself feel better is that I hope that rocking chair can hover in mid-air. Because in my days, chairs weren't half as cool as that. 

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