Monday, April 28, 2014

If my day were a children's TV episode

It's funny what lengths I can go to in order to amuse myself on days when 95% of my human interactions are with people under the age of three. Today was a fairly average day. It rained.  I cooked, and cleaned the toilet. I somehow lost my baby's hat. My toddler and I played a lengthy game of 'Traffic Jam', and I read both children some That's Not My books. Nothing remarkable. But, for no other reason than to amuse myself, I had fun thinking about what would have happened if my day were an episode of children's TV. Here goes.

Peppa Pig

My children would have loved the rain, and it would have been difficult persuading them to stay away from the many muddy puddles around our house. Ms Rabbit would have been the carer in my son's nursery, the shopkeeper I talked to, as well as the driver of every form of public transport that I saw as I was out and about. If my day were an episode of Peppa Pig, I probably would have thought I was losing my mind due to seeing Ms Rabbit everywhere. Either that, or taken out a restraining order against her. 

Dora the Explorer

The hat I lost would have wandered to some far-off and exotic locale, its destination described by a singing map. My children and I would have crossed bridges and rivers to find it, and would eventually have reunited it with my baby's head. We would have then sung "We Did It!" while dancing. Now I think about it, I wish my day had been a Dora episode. At least then, I'd still have the hat.  

Sesame Street

Today's letter would have been W for Washing. And the number? 1328. While I didn't do an exact count, it felt like that's how many items were in the pile of washing. Or, the letter would have been L, for lost hat. And the number? 1.

Ben and Holly

Ms Rabbit would be stalking me, but in another disguise. I'm glad my day wasn't a Ben and Holly episode, as that would have scared me too much.

Thomas the Tank Engine

I would have resisted doing a task I need to do, such as cleaning the toilet, preferring to surf the internet instead. The error of my ways would somehow be made apparent to me, teaching us all the value of hard work and being sensible. Although being preached to about work ethic would have been annoying, I imagine it must be very relaxing having Ringo Starr narrate your every movement. It would also be nice to know the Fat Controller's name, and to ask him if that moniker hurts his feelings.  

The Wiggles

It would have been a terribly energetic day. We would have sung about the lost hat, sung about the rain, and sung about the cooking. Although all that I would have cooked would have been fruit salad and mashed banana. Much easier, but much less satisfying to eat. As there were only three of us at home, we also would have been a Wiggle short. Perhaps I could have convinced the Fat Controller to stay and be the purple Wiggle? Or what about Ms Rabbit? I'm sure she would have welcomed yet another job to do. 

It would have been exciting if my day had been an episode of children's TV. But, however inane my day was, I'm glad it wasn't. After all, I'd much rather have a day that's 24 hours, rather than 20  mins long. Even if I might still have that hat. 

What about your day? What would your day have been like if it was an episode of children's TV? 

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  1. I think your letter would be L either way, because the Americans say "laundry" and not "washing" :P