Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to give an enema

Stop the press! Mothercraft has advice on what you always desperately wanted to know: how to give an enema! Now I hope you can take the time to stop dancing for joy that this knowledge will soon also be yours and pay attention to how these are to be done.

To do this, you need a bulb syringe (for insertion), olive oil (for lubrication), and saline solution (for reasons I am still unclear on). Other helpful advice is to do it holding the baby over the "chamber", and it should be administered if baby hasn't gone in two days.

Now, it wasn't until I read this, that it occurred to me that giving my baby an enema was something that I'd ever do. And I've also decided that giving my baby an enema can join "dress her in a headband" and "let her eat rusty nails" in the long list of Things I Will Never Do With My Baby. I'm sure the advice was produced with the best of intentions, but like the other advice on toilet-related activities, I think I'll pass.

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